inShield Wiper®

Frustrated there is no easy way to clean the INSIDE of your windshield?
Finally, the solution to deal with the annoying haze on the inside of your windshield…inShield Wiper®! Our patented design comfortably fits on the BACK of your hand allowing you to quickly and easily clean the inside of your windshield. Conveniently designed to fit in your car door pocket, inShield Wiper® is always within fingertip reach, so when that haze shows up again about every 10 days, you can effortless wipe your windshield clean.


For a limited time, get 2 inShield Wipers® for $19.99. This is a savings of $10.00!!


For a limited time only, buy one 2-pack (at the special price of $19.99) and you can get your SECOND 2-pack for 50% OFF the regular price of $29.99. Plus, we will waive the S&H on your second 2-pack, as well. Because there are SO MANY USES for inShield Wiper® we are offering this incredible deal so you can have an inShield Wiper® everywhere you need it. Keep 1 in the car, 1 in your office, 1 in the kitchen and even have 1 to give as a gift!

Finally...The Streak-Free Solution!

Streak-free, easy cleaning for:

  • Inside the Windshield of Cars, SUVs, Trucks, RVs, Boats, Planes
  • Smartphone Touchscreens
  • Tablet Touchscreens
  • Laptop Computer Screens
  • Computer Monitors
  • TV Screens
  • Mirrors
  • Any Glass Surface
  • Stainless-steel Appliances


Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs!

Game changer!

I used my inshield cleaner first in the bathroom on my mirrors, wow what a difference! I cleaned each mirror with paper towels first to remove the stuck on gunk, then went over the mirror with the inshield cleaner, and voila! sparkling perfection! Then my husband cleaned my jeep and used the inshield cleaner for the windshield and windows, again, perfection! And so easy to use. I gave my second one to my sister for her home. She is happy too!

Cleans windshield like a dream

I love this product. It gets into every part of the windshield that you usually cant reach. One or two swipes and the windshield is clean. I am a former smoker and the windshield was covered in film and made it hard to see when the sun was shining. One swipe and the film was gone and I could see out the window. It was clear and no spots. A great product.

Dream Come True

Just purchased this. What a dream come true. Gets rid of those streaky smears on your windshield. The sun was so bright the other day. Not having streaky marks on my windshield made such a difference...Definitely picking more up as gifts.

Love it!

I am so happy with the results of this product. It works great on my windshield no streaks at all. I also use it to clean all of my mirrors, flat top oven, stainless steel appliances. cell phone and granite counter tops. I am going to purchase another set. Just put it in the washer and you are good to go for the next time.

great product

works exactly as advertised / keeps the inside of the windshield very clean all the way to the bottom

Put one in the kitchen

Works great for that final wipe down to shine everything up, i.e., stainless steel appliances, especially on the black topped ceramic stove top (like shining a black car), granite counters, glass fronts on microwave and oven doors. Just barely dampen, and wipe down everything at the end of the day for a gleaming kitchen, fabulous !


Such a simple solution to a frustrating "problem." I am short and older so getting that windshield clean was always an issue. This works and I don't have to contort my body into some unnatural position. It also works great on the mirrors in the house. Worth the price. Thanks to the inventor for coming up with the idea...


Gave this to my husband who opened the bag and laughed at me. Well until he went out to the car to clean the windows on his corvette he always complains about. He was so impressed he told his golf buddies and car show friends how terrific this item did on all our cars. They will all be ordering it.

Fantastic Product

Love simple things like this that do a great job! No water, no chemicals, no cleaners, no mess! I actually just bought this to keep my cell phone screen clean and it does a great job. Also works great on computer screen. Haven't even used it on the car yet. Fantastic price for two. Gave the other one to my son and he loves it.

Got Puppy Kisses?

Our furry four-legged friends love to travel with us in our cars! How do they show us their gratitude? By leaving those “puppy kisses” on the windows and back hatch! inShield Wiper® does an awesome job of keeping “their” windows fresh and clean. Just spray a couple spritzes of water or your favorite glass cleaner on the inShield Wiper® microfiber pad and wipe the smooches away! You and your best friend will be able to see out the windows again, keeping both of you wagging!


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